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50 Year Warranty

Raincoat Steel Trusses offers a 50 year warranty on our material. The warranty applies to the steel roof structure and wall framing components which are enclosed within the building envelope.

Head Office, Accra

  • Telephone: +233 302 234646
  • Address: North Industrial Area Opposite Light House Chapel Int. Qodesh - Small Lane With Melcom, Zenith Bank and Apra House.

Tamale Office

Nobisco Junction - Bolga Road
024-4328224, 024-4328239

Kumasi Office

Kuffour Street
0242-576169, 026-3135499

Takoradi Office

Anaji Ntankorful Road
0312-091504, 024-4328226
Why Choose Steel?
Raincoat Steel Trusses steel delivers very real benefits for builders, designers and homeowners. Steel is inherently strong and durable, providing structural integrity in all types of environments - from the intense heat of the north to the coastal conditions of the south.

It's also flexible and versatile. Steel frames have excellent spanning ability, enabling them to create wide, expansive spaces, and they are ideal for concrete slabs and sub floor construction. Our frames are also designed so that any electrical leakage is conducted safely straight to the ground, giving you extra peace of mind.

Above all, Raincoat Steel Trusses are an effective, affordable roofing solution. Innovative steel frame technology means our prices are competitive with other high quality framing methods.

Our trusses are designed to stand the test of time: home and business owners can rest easy knowing that their their most valuable asset is protected by the strength of steel.
Why Choose Steel Over Wood Trusses?

Steel frames are builder friendly. Wall panels and roof trusses are preassembled and all components are supplied clearly labelled. Service holes are prepunched and components are easily screwed together, making on-site assembly simple.

Steel is hassle-free. Unlike wood, it doesn't shrink or expand dramatically with heat, which means no sticking door and window jambs and no cracking cornices. Steel frames expand and contract at rates reasonably similar to those of other building materials, such as cornices and plasterboard, so walls, ceilings and roofs stay straight and true.

Steel is naturally 100% termite proof, saving you the time and money it takes to chemically treat wood to protect it from pest attack.

Steel is non-flammable, which prevents fires from starting and, in the unfortunate event that a fire is ignited, slows the spread of fire and potentially reduces the damage caused.

Steel is a sustainable material: every piece of steel framing is used with no offcuts wasted. Steel is recyclable and hole punch outs and other odd offcuts are recycled, making it ideal for energy efficient design.