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50 Year Warranty

Raincoat Steel Trusses offers a 50 year warranty on our material. The warranty applies to the steel roof structure and wall framing components which are enclosed within the building envelope.
Our Products

Raincoat Steel Trusses manufactures custom-made steel roof frames. We can produce any size or type of roof frame - including girder, scissor, mansard and cantilever trusses - to fit your design.

We provide all the necessary parts, clearly labelled, so that they only need to be assembled and screwed together on site. The frame is then ready for the roofing material of your choice to be laid on top. If you would like to roof your building using our Colorbond steel, then Raincoat can do your entire roof in one go, from constructing the frame to laying the roofing sheets.

We can manufacture trussed wall modules and stud partitioning using the same machines and materials. We also sell purlins separately.