Welcome to Raincoat Steel Trusses

Raincoat Roofing Systems, Ghana's largest provider of high-quality steel roofing, now produces and installs custom-made steel roof trusses. Raincoat Steel Trusses are the smartest, simplest, longest-lasting solution for your roof. Why compromise when you can have it all?

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50 Year Warranty
Raincoat Steel Trusses offers a 50 year warranty on our steel roof framing material. That's how confident we are in the longevity of our product.

Strength of Steel
Our trusses are made from strong, durable steel, providing structural integrity in all types of environments and conditions.

100% Termite Proof.
Unlike wooden roof frames, our steel trusses are 100% termite proof so you won't have to worry about chemical treatments to prevent pest attack.

Building with Steel
More and more homes and offices are being built with steel: it's strong, light and 100% termite proof. Steel is the future.